WoF agenda


mignon kievitMignon Kievit is an independent creative specialising in visual communication and conceptualisation.
Over the 20 years she has worked as a designer, she gained experience in various industries, the latter seven and a half being in the flower & plant industry.
She has a passion & flair for spotting trends & interpreting them into visual inspiration & direction.




michael bourguignonMichael Bourguignon is both an active florist and expert in digital marketing.
For over the past 10 years Mike has slowly developed the family’s 85 year old business to a thriving local eCommerce website with the 3rd highest internet traffic for Madrid including the big floral transmission companies.
Learn the tricks of the trade and how to position your flower shop amongst the leaders. 



peter hampelPeter Hampel is known as the “Duftnase“ (“Fragrance nose“) in Europe.
His passion for the use of Fragrance in different industries has resulted in the development of Concepts and Fragrance compositions.
With great engagement he has created the “Duftmarketing” and the “Air cleaning based on biological ingredients”.