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Greenteamconsultancy consultants

Green Team Consultancy+ helps organizations in the horticultural industry to achieve greater operational success in a rapidly changing market. We do this with five independent consultants who have come together in a cooperative partnership.

Through our extensive years of experience in the international floriculture sector, we understand better than anyone the challenges and dilemmas you face. Using our complementary skills and personalities, we strive to find solutions and to increase both your market focus and business results; in quality and quantity.

We carry this into effect by:

   Fine-tuning your course

     Developing sustainable business cases

     Establishing new forms of cooperation

      Strengthening your organization with temporary, professional capacity

Johan van Veen

Greenteamconsultancy JohanvanVeen 1

You can be both green and profitable at the same time. In fact, there is no future without sustainability. Of this, Johan is convinced. He consults organizations on how to make their business operations more sustainable, as well as in the development and implementation of sustainable and promising new business cases. Sustainability cannot be made without change; Johan is also a change manager with an eye for human behavior, as well as the workflow and products. He operates with a clear vision and cohesion towards concrete plans and results, acting as the connector who finds the right balance between people, greenery and money. He draws on the extensive knowledge, experience and results he gained during his studies at the Agricultural University in Wageningen, as well as in various management positions in the floriculture sector.

Joram Wijnaendts van Resandt

Greenteamconsultancy JoramWijnaendtsvanResandt 1

Joram is able to open international doors that would otherwise remain closed to others. He is the ultimate explorer who can help organizations gain a foothold in new and dynamic markets such as Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan. He has the ability to proactively deploy his extensive network and proven international experience. As a person, he is passionate and energetic, always thinking outside of the box to find creative and interlinking solutions to the cultural, commercial and logistical challenges on the road to new international business opportunities. Joram studied Business Administration and Logistics & Technical Distribution Engineering and has made his mark in the international floriculture sector, speaking a range of foreign languages which includes Russian.

Marcel Groen

Greenteamconsultancy MarcelGroen 1

Green by name and heart, Marcel manages strategic projects that implement the vision of organizations within the horticultural industry. He is an experienced process and project manager who turns strategic choices in solutions, conducts, common goals and clear implementation plans. For this, he mobilizes, stimulates and motivates the right internal people and ensures that they achieve attainable and measurable results collectively. Marcel studied at the Agricultural University in Wageningen and gained his experience from leadership roles within the international floriculture sector, in cultivation, production and commercial environments.


Monique Peters

Greenteamconsultancy MoniquePeters

Positioning and promoting floricultural products in the international market: that’s the speciality of Monique. Whether you are talking about existing products or novelties, she sees creating as much as possible sales as her biggest challenge. She knows how to connect the various segments with the most effective communication strategies. She is analytical, has a strong organisational competence and translates her information in marketing plans with specific actions and clear, measurable goals. In her approach she is pragmatic: she takes care of achievable and operational plans. Monique has studied marketing and international business administration in Amsterdam and has built up her experience of more than 14 years in international floricultural marketing.

Ronald van den Breevaart

Greenteamconsultancy RonaldvdBreevaart

Performance improvement, growth and development are Ronald’s three major contributions to international floricultural organizations. He is driven, result-oriented and analytically sharp. Furthermore, he is able to comprehend processes quickly and professionally in manufacturing, logistics, product and account management, marketing and sales. Ronald pinpoints areas for improvement in specific action plans aimed at improving results and performance as well as supports the actual implementation thereof. With this approach, he can also assist international organizations in achieving the necessary certifications. Ronald gained his work experience within different international organizations in the global floriculture chain; he has a broad network and understands the needs and challenges of all aspects within the organisation chain better than anyone.